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Information about Jurbarkas district

Jurbarkas district municipal territory is related by infrastructural, social and economic ties with Tauragė, Kaunas and Marijampolė counties, as well as with Kaliningrad region of Russian Federation. Jurbarkas District Municipality is one of the four Tauragė county’s municipalities. It borders with the municipalities of Tauragė, Raseiniai, Šakiai, Pagėgiai and Kaunas districts.
Jurbarkas district covers an area of 1507 square kilometres. Jurbarkas region is also called the Nemunas land, because about 70 km winds the Nemunas, the Mituva with tributaries, the lower reaches of the Dubysa, the Šešuvis with the tributary  Šaltuona. About 35 percent of municipal area is covered by forests, of which the largest is  Karšuva forest massif, in the western part of the region is Viešvilė Reserve, by the Nemunas  from Šilinė to east stretches Panemuniu Regional Park.
Jurbarkas District Municipality is divided into twelve wards, they are: Eržvilkas, Girdžiai, Jurbarkai, Jurbarkas town, Juodaičiai, Raudonė,  Seredžius, Skirsnemunė, Smalininkai, Šimkaičiai, Veliuona,Viešvilė. There are two towns in the Municipality – Jurbarkas, Smalininkai, seven townships – Eržvilkas, Raudonė, Seredžius, Šimkaičiai, Vadžgirys, Veliuona, Viešvilė and 355 villages. At the beginning of 2015  Register Service indicates, that in Jurbarkas District Municipality were declared  over 30 453 residents, of which 11 335 residents in Jurbarkas city.

The Jurbarkas land natural environment and  landscape are very favourable for recreation and tourism. Rivers, forests, parks is a valuable asset. In the district there are big prospects for creation of new businesses which provide service for agriculture and are closely associated with agricultural activities, as majority of the working population is employed in agriculture. Because of the natural environment in  Jurbarkas district municipal area there are  exceptional conditions to develop tourism and river shipping. Jurbarkas district is crossed by the international significance of inland waterway  Kaunas-Klaipėda along the river Nemunas. This road  through the port of Klaipėda connects mid Lithuania with the international western European inland waterway system routes.
The main transport links in Jurbarkas district are realized by overland routes. In Jurbarkas District Council the length of local roads reaches to 1033 km, of which 90 per cent are paved roads. Railway infrastructure is not well developed. The northern part of Jurbarkas  district is crossed by  10.2 km long railway track Radviliškis-Pagėgiai. Currently, Jurbarkas district has 4 stationary and 3 mobile small boat harbours. One stationary pier is applied for loading construction materials, the others for passengers’ carriage.
The dominant industries in Jurbarkas are these: wood processing, production of building materials, construction, transport services, production of agricultural products, meat production and realization, construction of electric transmission lines, sewing, pastry production, retail. Information about the business is provided by Jurbarkas Tourism and Information Centre, located at Vydūno g. 19  –
At the beginning of 2015 in Jurbarkas district there were 426 economic entities. The main companies in Jurbarkas district are these: “Žilinskis & Co“ Ltd – construction of utilities of communal electricity and  telecommunications, M. Stankevičius firm “Manvesta“ – freight forwarders, carriers, “Jurlota“ Ltd – wood processing, “Dainiai“ Ltd – pig breeding, meat production,  “Jurmelsta“ Ltd – construction of residential and non-residential houses, “Jurbarkai Meat” Ltd – production of meat and poultry, “Lukšiai Dairy“ Ltd – production of milk products, “SCAN Trade“ Ltd – trade of building materials and technologies, R. Pinaitis individual company – production of meat and poultry.
Jurbarkas District Council has signed partnership and cooperation agreements with the municipalities of  these towns: Laakdal, Belgium (1996),  Vale of Glamorgan, UK (1998), Bogense, Denmark (1999), Ryn, Poland (2000), Crailsheim,  (2000), Berlin-Lichtenberg Germany (2003), Kaliningrad region Neman district, Russian Federation (2004), Kriulen, Moldova  (2006).
Jurbarkas District  Municipality aims to create favourable conditions for small and medium businesses. It is very important to us that the area would create more business and tourism infrastructure objects. We are open to all investments, because we want to see prosperous Jurbarkas.



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